Yes and no. It is undoubtedly a big-ticket item, up there in the same class as a car, a remodel, a wedding, or a really nice vacation. But it is also an investment. It is fairly typical for a residential solar installation in the Fort Collins area to return 10% in the first year, and go up from there (because electricity rates rise). And, it’s a very conservative investment! There is very little downside risk. A system can be damaged or destroyed by extreme hail or a tornado, but that’s covered by homeowner’s insurance. Some people worry if they would recover their investment if they sell their property in the near term, but studies show that solar is well valued by buyers. If sell your house after two years, you can put 80% of the original cost of the system into the sale price, break even, and give the buyer a nice discount relative to a new system.

So, even without considering the environmental benefit of reducing your carbon footprint, it makes sense for you to invest in solar!