Solar energy is a great investment!  Often, the return-on-investment is over 10% the first year, and it goes up year after year as the rates charged by the utility increase, because with each increase, the value of your system’s production increases.  And, it’s a very conservative investment.  Any other investment with that kind of return carries risk of lost equity in the case of a downturn–but your solar array just keeps producing!

So, we highly recommend that you divest other investments in order to pay for your solar system.  But if financing is what makes sense for your situation, we’ll work with you to help find the best way to do it.  Possibilities include C-PACE (commercial), RENU (residential), Home Efficiency Loan Program (Fort Collins Utilities), home equity loan, home refinance, or 401k loan.

Other providers will often try to push you into a deal with their in-house financing or their finance partner because that’s whats profitable for them, not what’s best for you.  We won’t do that!

As you are probably aware, a Federal tax credit can cover up to 30% of the cost of your system.  Most utilities do not offer incentives anymore, but some do, including Fort Collins Utilities.

Finally, there is no deposit or any other up-front cost to you–payment is due when your system is operational.